LL Consult



LL Consult

LL Consult is an international business consultancy company with partners in most countries around the world. We support our customers to find the right markets, partners/distributors, and to reach out to people in need.


We take the risk out of entering a new market through knowledge, facts, and relations so that our customers can focus on making a difference.


LL Consult is contributing to a better world and environment through the success of our customers.


Anders Lindstrom

LL Consult is founded by Anders Lindstrom. He has spent his career helping companies to enter and become successful in new markets. For the last 20 years he has been living in Asia and he enjoys working with and learning about new cultures. He has participated in more than 1,000 business negotiations across Europe and Asia and is passionate about helping his customers to establish and grow in new markets.


LL Consult is working with local partners around the world in order to provide localized expertise with global reach. We are a proud partner of CBBC (Cross Border Business Consultants) and are working together with Will (World Independent Lawyers League) and IPTER ( International Partner Team of Executive Recruiters) to offer full service to our customers.

Our customers can feel ensured that we will cater for all their needs whichever market they want to enter. The customer will have one interface but with the possibility to have several organizations working for them.