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Are you ready to make a difference?

Our customers are in the forefront of environmental solutions, innovative education, and medical technology that make life better for people around the world. LL Consult is supporting our customers in finding the right markets, partners/distributors, and to reach out to the people in need.

Should you expand to new markets?

A big part of the world have high growth potential despite big areas lacking access to proper education, clean environment, and available healthcare. Your solutions could make a difference. Looking at e.g. South East Asia and Oceania vs. the European Union the following statistics are noticeable:


SEA has double the population of the EU (8x if including APAC)
0 M

South East Asia (SEA)

0 M

European Union (EU)

GDP Growth

SEA is growing at three times the speed compared to EU
0 %

South East Asia (SEA)

0 %

European Union (EU)

Aging Population

EU has an aging population (>65 yo) while SEA has a population reaching peak household spending age

0 %

South East Asia (SEA)

0 %

European Union (EU)

Why LL Consult?

Major Entry Challenges

There are many challenges when entering new markets you need to consider. At LL Consult, we help you overcome these challenges with years of experience and a network of local partners.

Finding Partners & Distributors

In most markets working with partners/distributors provide a better business case than setting up a local company. However, signing the wrong partner/distributor can spell disaster.

Cultural Challenges

More often than not parties come out of a business meeting having totally contradictory opinions on how the meeting went and what they agreed on

Language Barriers

The English language level is low in many countries. Misunderstandings often arise due to language barriers and risk of losing face during discussions

Our Services

How we support our customers

LL Consult support our customers by minimizing the risk of entering a new market. We understand the business in every market by working with local partners to ensure you will find the right partners/distributors and get the biggest impact of your business.

Local Expertise

Local expertise that knows the market, business culture, and language

Local Support

Possibility to support you with local and regional sales representative services to further boost business

Expansion Funding

Guidance and support to apply for up to 50% funding for your international expansion

Our Customers

We are proud of you

LL Consult is proud to assist our customers to improve life and environment for thousands of people. Some notable examples are listed below:

Rural Telemedicine solutions

Our customer is enabling medical evaluation to hundreds of thousands of people in rural areas without need of on-site doctors by innovative IOT solutions.

Cleaning of rivers

Thousands of km of rivers are cleaned through water harvesters, resulting in cleaner environment and better communication in rural areas

Clean water to poor and remote areas

A low-maintenance water filter solution for river and rain water is providing clean, sustainable, water to rural areas in India, Africa, and South East Asia

Elderly fall protection

Mobile and AI fall protection solutions are making lives more safe and enjoyable for elderly both at home and in elderly care centers and hospitals

Industries we support







Positive Impact

Creating a better world together with our customers one business at a time.