Negotiation Preparation

Assisting vendors and procurement organizations with:

Negotiation strategies and tactics

Customer power mapping

Competitor analysis

TCO, Business Case, and Value Argumentation

Negotiation Support

Hands-on support during negotiations as:

Part of negotiation team

Strategic support

Assisting with:

Strategies and tactics

Analysis templates and evaluation

Business Strategies and Tactics

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment support with:

Business Model Introduction

Company establishment

Competitive environment

Game Theories

Commercial and Product Strategies

Providing support in:

Techno-Commercial strategies and tactics

Account strategies

Price and tender strategies

Specializing in cross-functional Techno-Commercial strategies

Competitor Tactics

Supporting businesses and organizations with:

Competitor SWOT

Value Argumentation

”Apple-to-apple” comparisons

Solution and Commercial differentiation

Business Models and Business Cases

Tailored business models and business cases to suit your needs:

Creating Business cases and business models

Evaluating existing models/cases

Creating normalization TCO models

Business in Asia

M&A analysis & Support

Helping in assess different markets and segments.:

Market potential

Competitive landscape

Customer segmentation

Entrance strategies

Due Diligence analysis

Assessing and helping your business with.:

Business plan

Vision, Mission, and Strategy

Competence build

Establishment Support

Supporting SME:s in selecting the right markets in Asia:

Market assessment

Company establishment

Partnership negotiations

Recruitment support

Malaysia Relocation


Supporting with:

International School assessment

School visits



Specializing in:

High-end property investment

Property renting

Property management

Market analysis

Visa and Work Permit

Providing support with:

MM2H applications

Residence Pass

Retirement & Healthcare

Total solutions for:

Retiring in Malaysia

Healthcare support