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Global Expansion

We are helping our customers to enter new markets in the most efficient ways and with the least amount of risk. This is done by innovative services.

Market Analysis

By thorough analysis of customer segments, competitors, and market potential we help you to make an informed decision which markets and market segments to target.

The scope of the market analysis is targeted based on the customer needs and can range from a market potential study to a fully-fledged market plan including business case and commercial, market, and sales strategy.

Finding Distributors

For 95% of SMEs, the best way to enter a new market is to locate and use the right distributors. LL Consult and our local partners are experts in finding and shortlisting the right distributors based on your needs.

We help you to shortlist up to 15 distributors and together we select the top candidates for the final interview and negotiations.

Sales Representative Services

LL Consult is freeing up your organization’s time and efficiency by streamlining the communication to and from your partners/distributors.

  • Maximize your sales by minimizing the risk of language and cultural barriers
  • Optimize your time by getting reports according to your needs and company standards
  • Get market and competitor updates timely so you can react when needed


Are you in need of components for your products or pharmaceuticals? We are helping our customers to find the best deals through our international networks. Please contact us to check if we are able to help you.


If you are not looking to urgently expand into a market there might be possibilities to get up to 50% funding for market research. LL Consult can support you in advising, preparing, and applying for grants.

  • Local grants in your country of jurisdiction
  • European Union grants
  • Global grants

Which market strategy is best for you?

In order to minimize your business risk the following indication, based on your expected average sales in the new market for the first three years, can be used as a guidance:


EUR 20k – 100k

Find the right distributors for your product and test the market

Sales Representative

EUR 100k – 5M

Maximize your distributor sales by optimizing communication and information



Consider if you should start a small local/regional office

Investment Guarantee

LL Consult is confident that we and our local partners will be successful in supporting you in getting business in your new market. Therefore, if you within two years of using our sales representative services in a market have not received sales of at least double the amount of your market investment in the market with LL Consult in the market we will:

a) Find you a new distributor for free in the market
b) Give you an additional one-year sales representative service for all your distributors in the market for free

Our liability is strictly limited to performing (a) and (b) above and we shall not be liable for any form of monetary compensation whatsoever or to perform any other obligations.

Positive Impact

Creating a better world together with our customers one business at a time.